We Compare You Choose – The Best Bumper Cases For The Note 8

If there ever were a smartphone that required a bumper case, it is the Galaxy Note 8. Some purists may argue that the Note 8 is not even a phone to begin with, but more of a tablet. Whichever position you take, if you own the latest entrant in the Note series, you definitely require a protective case.

And for good reason as well.

The infinity display is gorgeous to stare at, however, without a proper bezel, it is equally prone to slipping out of your fingers.  In some cases, you may not want to leave soiled fingerprints on the beautiful HD screen.

As always, we have dug deep to find some of the best bumper cases you can get your hands. Remember, the Note 8 is kind of mega when it comes to size. Any protective case must not add to it. With that in mind, we picked out the Speck Presidio Show, the OtterBox Symmetry, and Caselogy Skyfall to be compared and contrasted against price, built, protection, and whether they make the Note 8 any longer or broader.


Compared to bumper cases for other, albeit smaller, phones, the three we are talking about could be said to be relatively expensive. The Presidio leads with a $27.99 price tag, which is not a big amount when you consider its features and its minimalist design. Next up is the OttorBox Symmetry priced at $21.91. Again, the price is well worth the protection you are purchasing. The Caseology Skyfall is priced at a budget-friendly $15.99.



The Infinity Display of the Note 8 certainly needs some protecting, and all the three bumper cases are up for it. The Skyfall feels lightweight, but let that not distract you from the tough polycarbonate and rubber blend that wraps around the phone like an armoured skin. The Symmetry combines tough plastic to its flexible rubber skin, preventing any kind of dents or bumps if the phone drops down. The Presidio brings in a hard bumper that guards the display, with clear silicone that protects the back.


When it comes to protecting the Note 8, the Presidio delivers a powerful, no-nonsense shock absorption technology called ‘Impacticum’. Even if your phone drops from a height, no harm will come to it. The Symmetry carries the OtterBox guarantee in its DNA. The hard plastic back and frosted sides allow maximum protection with minimum fuss. The Skyfall, perhaps aptly named, has a hard edge to it, protecting the sides and the vulnerable screen.    


The Note 8 is a large smartphone, blessed with a slim design. Any addition to its body could make the phone bulkier and heavier. But the three bumper cases we have picked prove to be quite the stylish companion. The Skyfall sticks close to the phone and adds a dash of colour that only enhances the phone. The Symmetry is more inspired by the clear, crystal liquid minimalism and feels more like an invisible skin. The Presidio adds just a dash of style around the hard frame for visual appeal, without ever adding to the weight or width of the Note 8.    





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July 9, 2018