We Compare You Choose – The Best Bumper Cases For Galaxy S9

Nothing spells premium quite like the Samsung Galaxy S9 for Android users. The sleek metal finish embedded with a gorgeous 5.8-inch display makes it a definitive piece of eye-candy. The catch here is that the sleek phone can slip just as easily from your hands. By you don’t have to worry as long you have a bumper case to protect your phone.

The more and more our phones are getting all-display and all-glass, the more you need a case that will at least allow you to grip the phone better. The bumper cases that we have researched for the S9 will endow your phone with enhanced protection from bumps and breaks.

Our top picks include the Hallsen Ulrta Slim Bumper, RhinoShield Slim Bumper, and the Matone Corner Cushion. We have compared these bumper cases against price, build material, and whether or not they hinder the sleek elegance of the S9.


We find that the price you pay for a bumper case is a very good investment for the function it serves . The RhinoShield is a bit on the expensive end, priced at $24.99, which does not seem too costly, considering the  minimalist design of the case combined with its tough nature. The Hallsen Ultra Slim and he Matone Corner are both priced around the $10 mark, making them all the more appealing to budget enthusiasts.


When you look at the Ultra Slim, you may wonder the sleek case will provide the requisite protection. Put your doubt to rest, for the top grade polycarbonate finish is like an added armour for your phone. The Corner Cushion from Matone is of a similar sleek build but reinforced with extra padding around the corners of the phone, minimising shock. The RhinoShield, just like its name, offers a more muscular frame, preventing any sort of dents or scratches.


All three cases focus on a sense of minimalism to strike a balance between protecting your S9 and highlighting its elegant design.

The RhinoShield offers a more compete protection with its tough build. The front and back of the phone are kept away from ground, if the phone falls on a flat surface.

The sleek design of the Ultra Slim and the Corner Cushion provide a similar protection on flat surfaces, while shock absorption is slightly higher in the latter. The Ultra Slim is a great accessory to prevent scratches and small dents.


When we say fit, we mean whether the bumper case will come in the way of the S9’s elegant design. The Ultra Slim makes the best case with its crystal liquid finish topped with a colour bumper available in many options. The Corner Cushion has a silicon-inspired back cover that takes nothing away from the S9, while only adding to its grip. The RhinoShield, with its thick frame, also manages to walk the tight rope between style and function. With just a bumper frame, the Shield’s minimalist look just about matches its superior protection.         

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July 9, 2018