The Sahara Case Crystal Inspire Review


A Clear Case With True Shock Absorption

When it comes to protective covers for the iPhone X, the entire world can be divided into two camps – the true case type and the clear case type. If you find yourself in the latter camp, then the Sahara Case Crystal Inspire may just be one of the best investments you will make when it comes to protecting your



All iPhone, All Protection

The clear nature of the case does not inhibit in any way the sleek, all-glass beauty of the iPhone X. Slip on the Crystal Inspire and it very much feels like a second, albeit transparent, skin on the phone; a skin that gives you added grip, preventing slips, and added protection, especially from screen cracks. A recent survey pointed out that almost 90% of all phone damage is related to a crack screen, when it comes to iPhones. With the Crystal Inspire, your iPhone X is safe and secure.


Shock Absorption Technology

When it comes to absorbing shocks, few cases in the market can compare to the Crystal Inspire. With a body created from tough rubber and high-grade plastic, the clear case provides the just the right balance of softness to absorb impact, and hardness to then dispel the impact away from the phone. A stand out feature is the added protection around the four edges that act as extra cushion, in case of a fall. The phone’s camera is protected too with with a built-in hood.


Easy Access

The Sahara Case has been designed to ensure easy access to all the buttons and the charging port on the phone. The minimalist design of the case allows your fingers complete and full control over the side buttons, almost as if there were no protective case at all.

A Complete Protection Suite

Perhaps the best feature of the Sahara Case is that it provides a complete suite, rather than just a case. You have a microfiber cloth, a screen protector, alcohol prep pad, dust remover, and a squeegee, not to mention the clear case itself. There is even a glass alignment tool provided if you wish to slap on the the screen protector. All of this retails for a price that should fall well within your budget.


Good Value For Money

The complete protection package that is the Sahara Case Crystal Liquid is well worth the money you pay for it. The biggest plus is the clear design with uncompromising protection.


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July 19, 2018