Twin Protection, One Case

The Samsung Note 8 is a gorgeous phone to look at, but is also a large phone to handle. And it certainly doesn’t help that it comes in a sleek, all-glass bezel. One slip from your fingers could result in your precious phone suffering extensive damage, especially to the screen.

The good news is that there are enough protective cases to keep your Note 8 in mint condition for years. Our experts have trained their sights on a case that many consider to be the best – Poetic Guardian.

Is it really the best? Read on to find out…

Twin Protection

The Note 8 presents a unique challenge. The infinity screen with a thin top and bottom bezel is as vulnerable as the slender glass back. In fact, if you hold the phone, you fingers hold more of the screen than it does the body. The Poetic Guardian offers twin protection with just one case.

You have a front case with a curved screen protector that repels shock and scratches even if the Note 8 were to fall face flat on the ground. The added advantage of the front case is that it has a thin border that further protects the sides of the infinity display.

The back case does all the heavy lifting with a reinforced body that protects the phone from any kind of impact. The bonus here is that the case will absorb shock as well, allowing a soft landing for the phone. The edges provide further protection, keeping the phone away from accidental bumps.

The Little Things

What really sets the Poetic Guardian apart from the rest is that it gets the little things just right. For instance, the bottom of the case has dust/lint flaps keeping the speakers and the charging port fresh. The sides have additional grip that will further attach the phone to your fingers, even in challenging conditions.
Though the case is high on protection, it does not completely ignore style. The case comes in a variety of pastel shades that adds colour and spunk to the Note 8.

Is It The Best?    

The Poetic Guardian is custom made for the Note 8. Considering all that it offers, the case is certainly one of the best, if not the best. If you are looking for the ultimate protection with a dash of style, the Guardian is the easy choice.

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July 15, 2018