Stunning Looks, Top Grade Protection

When it comes to aesthetics, the new breed of smartphones take the spotlight with their wafer-thin bezels and sleek build. Rarely does the focus shift to the protective cases that wrap around these phones, providing extra grip and added toughness. The Hallsen Ultra Slim, then, is that rare case.

Stunning Looks

Protective cases are all about one thing…protection. But that should not stop the cases from having their own signature style. The Hallsen is quite aware of this fact. A single glance at its minimalist, colour-coded frame and the case will hold your attention, even lingering in your memory once you have turned your attention elsewhere.

In a way we are glad that protective cases like the Ultra Slim are not solely focused on being just an extra layer of protection, instead, trying to leave their own mark in terms of style and aesthetics.

Top Grade Protection

It can be easy to get carried away by the looks of the Hallsen to such an extent that the top grade protection it offers is often overlooked.

Crafted from a tough, but flexible TPU mixture, the Ultra Slim defends your smartphone from drops and scratches. The colour coded frame provides a soft but tough armour that absorbs nearly any shock the phone may experience when it falls, if it falls. With added grip, your sleek phone will stick to your fingers like its meant to do.

The clear back of the case raises the camera off any flat surface, keeping the phone away from scratches or any sharp objects.

Precision Design

One of the standout features of the Hallsen is its precision cut, allowing you easy access to all the ports and buttons, while remaining a snug fit to the phone’s body. The camera lens and the speakers too are not in any way obstructed by the Ultra Slim. The precision in only heightened by the premium case, minimalist in design, without compromising on your phone’s safety.        

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July 10, 2018