As our mobile phones have got smarter and faster, they have also become sleeker and…more slippery. The beautiful, gorgeous glass or metal designs are prone to quite a few slips between the fingers. This writer has personally experienced many a drop of his precious phone, which brings us to the saviour of our smartphones – protective cases.

To Have Or Not To Have A Phone Case

There was a time mobile phones were built like rocks (remember the Nokia 3310?). But over the years, the phone companies entered an invisible battle for who could build the slimmest smartphone. Today, we have all-screen variants, without much of a protective bezel. Perhaps in the future, there will be no bezel at all, just a transparent screen; but we will table that discussion for a later date.

Our mission here is to provide you, the reader, with the right kind of information that should help you decide whether you require a protective case.

The Super Covers

Apart from giving you a much-needed grip as you handle multiple tasks and answer a call as well, the cases keep away dirt, dust, and grime from accumulating on the phone, keeping its good looks intact. And as someone eloquently said, ‘A protective case today will keep a cracked screen away.’ The phrase highlighting one of the most important features of a phone case.

Whether you’re an iPhone fanatic or an Android worshipper, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to protective covers. We did some research of our own and came up with some really cool choices. Take a look:

Nothing spells rugged like the OtterBox Defender. The case transforms your phone into a military-style gadget. One look at the Defender and you know it means business with a thick outer shell and grip grooves that will even stick to a wet hand. Think of it as a ‘no-drop’ guarantee for your phone.

They are tough, but without the bulk that will take away from the sleek beauty of your phone. They come in a variety of styles and colours, allowing you to combine style and protection. UAG cases are quite versatile as well, allowing you to access all the features on your phone.

This is one for the purists. The covers are sleek and slim, fitting over the phone like a glove. And they come in creative designs as well, with sparkles, embellishments, and straps to slip your palm into. The objective here is to catch attention. Case Mate also offers sturdy protection from falls and drops, protecting the outer bezel.

We live in a busy, busy world where juggling multiple tasks is more the norm than an exception. In that case, shouldn’t phone cases too be multi-taskers? The answer to that question is the range of folio cases from Piel Frama. They cover your phone like a wallet, providing protection from gentle drops, and storage grooves that hold your cards. They are a nod to the old-school phone case.

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June 26, 2018