The Near ‘Naked’ Case

All smartphone users can be broadly divided into two categories (and no, we are not talking about the android/iPhone divide). You are either a ‘case’ fan or a ‘naked’ fan: you protect your phone with a case, or prefer the bare feel. What if you were provided an option that provides a middle ground between the two?

The Matone Corner Cushion could just be that golden mean.

Naked Enough, Protective Enough

Most cases seem to swing one way or the other, either offering robust protection, or choosing a minimalist design for style and spunk. The Corner Cushion treads the tightrope between the two with aplomb, thanks to its unique build. The thin back case sticks close to the phone and is almost imperceptible, which should make the ‘naked’ fans happy. The real work is done by the bumper frame, with cushioned edges around the corners, to protect the phone from drops, the cushioned edges are what gives the phone an extra degree of protection, even if it falls screen first on the floor. The raised edges protect both, the screen and the camera, from any kind of scratches or damage.

Forward Tech

The Matone Corner Cushion may look like a simple case, but closer inspection reveals an invisible, forward technology that sets it apart from the rest.

The clear back case is made up of millions of tiny dots that prevents any sort of air bubbles forming when you slip on the case, as well as repelling the much dreaded fingerprints on your sleek, reflective phone.

The second aspect that seems future forward is the flexible TPU material the case is built from. It weighs as much as a feather, is as flexible as a strand of grass, all the while providing robust protection for your phone. The Corner Cushion is also extremely easy to slip on your phone, which has only raised its esteem in our eyes.  

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June 29, 2018