Choices, choices, choices…When you have too many of them, it can feel like a merry-go-round where you just keep circling and circling. The same can be said of mobile phone cases as well. With the advent of the new breed of smartphones that are sleek, elegant, and crafted from glass, a protective case has become a necessary accessory. But how do you select which one is the right fit for your phone? Do you go for a bulky, rugged case; a thin, flexible cover; or just add some style and spunk with artistic covers…?

Not to worry, our experts are here to help you decide by presenting the different kinds of cases, and the one that may be the right fit for you.

Bumper cases – what kind of case you should get

1. Rugged

This case is for the rough and tough users, and may we add, the adventure seekers. A rugged case is built to withstand hard falls and even harder knocks, without so much as leaving a scratch or a mark on your precious phone. Although keep in mind that a rugged case will add a bit of bulk to the phone’s slender bezel.
Examples: Ottobox Defender, Bovon.

2. Thin

For those who are looking to strike a balance between protection and remaining true to their phone’s original bezel. Thin cases have the dual advantage of sticking close to your phone, repelling scratches and bumps, while at the same time not taking too much away from the phone’s slender aesthetic. Functional and stylish.
Examples: Hallsen Ultra Slim, Rhino Shield CrashGuard

3. Clear

If all you want is a bit of grip, a bit of protection, and all the focus to be on your phone, then clear cases are just the thing for you. They are transparent, allowing your phone to show off its craftsmanship; and they are flexible and soft, allowing you to slip it on and off without any trouble. A clear case is made from a tough TPU mixture which gives it a measure of toughness, preventing scratches and protecting your phone from minor falls.
Examples: Matone Crystal Clear, MoKo Crystal Clear

4. Accessorised

Now there are those of us who like to add their own style to their phones. Enter: Accessorised cases. They can be a lot of fun, coming in various styles, with even a ring slip into which you can slip your finger for better grip while texting. The purpose here is to make a statement, albeit bold.

Examples: Mayfair  

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July 20, 2018