The RhinoShield CrashGuard Review

Minimalist Design, Near Maximum Protection

There are protective cases and there are protective cases. With the smartphones going the way of sleek, all-glass, and all-display designs, it has become quite important to protect your phone from slips and drops. Enter: the RhinoShield Crashguard.

Many consider the RhinoShield to be one of the true bumper cases. For the uninitiated, a bumper case is one which wraps around the phone’s sides in a minimalist frame. The RhinoShield has been regarded as one of the toughest bumper cases around. We decided to take it out for a test ride and here’s what we found…

Honeycomb Shock Absorption

Before you slip on the CrashGuard, take a look inside the minimalist frame. You will observe a honeycomb pattern that lines the inside. This is where all the tough work gets done. If the phone slips and falls down, the intricately webbed pattern absorbs and dissipates any and all the shock your smartphone may experience.

The other advantage of the honeycomb is that it allows the CrashGuard to stick to the phone’s frame like glue. In fact, try removing the case from your phone and you will know what we are talking about.

The Tough As Nails Exterior

A curious thing about the CrashGuard is that it comes with specific instruction not to bend or twist the frame before you slip it on the phone. There’s a reason for this: the thin frame belies the actual strength of the bumper case. Once it’s on your phone, the same thin frame takes on an armoured nature. Tap the phone against a hard surface and you will feel the true, strong nature of the RhinoShield.

The transformation of the thin, wiry frame takes place due to the CrashGuard’s much vaunted ‘Custom Formulated Polymer’ that bestows the tough as nails persona to the outer skin.

Minimalist Design, Near Maximum Protection

One reason why the smartphone community absolutely loves the Rhinoshield CrashGuard is because of its minimalist design. A singular, rectangular frame is all that it is. Nothing more, nothing less. This allows the phone’s sleek design to be front and centre, while allowing for better grip and enhanced protection.

The one criticism that you could level at the CrashGuard is that it works absolutely fine when the phone falls on a flat surface, even if it is from 11 feet. But if it were to fall on an uneven surface, say a pebble-strewn footpath, then the bumper case may not protect your screen or the bare back.

This is the choice that you have to make: Go for a minimalist case that provides near maximum protection or choose a more robust protective case.



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July 9, 2018