We Compare You Choose – The Best Bumper Cases For iPhone X

The iPhone X has broken new ground on many fronts: be it the trendsetting all- screen front or the all-glass body that gives the phone its attention-grabbing looks. The future forward design, however, has also made the iPhone X susceptible to damage, via slipping from your hand. The good news is that you can easily avoid any harm to your beautiful phone with some tough bumper cases.

We have done our bit of research and pegged the best cases out there in the market against each other: SaharaCase, Poetic Guardian, Luuvvitt Prooftech, and Bovon. The criteria we have used to compare the bumper cases include price, built material, and whether they hinder the elegance of your phone.

Read on to find out which bumper case may just be the right one for you…


Apart from the protection, the price of these bumper cases is another feature that we found to be quite appealing. The SaharaCase is the most expensive at around $24, but for good reason. It provides the ultimate front-and-back protection. The other cases are priced between $8-$12, which is good value for money considering they will keep your phone in mint condition.


This is where things get a bit interesting. Keep in mind that the cases need to be flexible enough, while repelling scratches and bumps.

The Poetic Guardian packs in the most muscle on this front with a mixture of rugged polycarbonate and sleek TPU rubber. The Prooftech is crafted with shock resistant TPE and flexible rubber. Bovon has a double-layered construction of polycarbonate and an interior lining that prevents abrasion and scratches. The SaharaCase offers the ideal combination of smooth rubber and hard plastic that enhances protection and grip.   


With each bumper case built in its own unique way, it is safe to say that each one of them offers a distinct quality. The Prooftech prevents accidental slips from your fingers and nullifies shock, if the phone falls to ground. Poetic Guardian’s rugged case protects the camera and the front screen from ever touching the ground. With the SaharaCase, you can be ensured of a scratch-free protection for your phone, no matter how hard it lands on the floor. Bovon provide superior shock absorption with extra protection added at the four corners of the phone.


When we say fit, we are not talking about whether the cases actually fit the phone or not; they all do. What we are talking about is whether the toughness of the cases takes anything away from the elegance of the sleek iPhone X.

The SaharaCase is the least obtrusive with a liquid crystal design that puts the features of your phone front and centre. The Bovon and Prooftech both combine transparent shells with just a touch of added protection around the corners of the phone.

The extra body of the Poetic Guardian can seem to take the attention away from the phone at first, but the case itself comes with sleek lines that certainly elevates its elegance.    




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July 9, 2018